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Success is not luck!

Just 6 years ago I was working different part-time jobs.

In the picture, you see me as a Floor Layer, but this was just many of the jobs I had, yet it was the one I was working in the longest (a few months).

Another job I have been working was Burger King. Well not something I really wanted to support, so after my adventure in India I decided to quit without having any Plan B

I always trusted, I always knew that there was something better.

I then started doing more with photography and was also very involved in fitness which strengthened my determination to achieve something.

When I grew up in the boarding school I often heard that I am supposed to become an alcoholic and live from the government, like my mom…

It hurt me to hear this

Not just because of myself, but because of how they talked about my mom!

They always felt they knew better and can see the future through some crystal ball

At times I was really frustrated, angry, and sad…

You should have seen their sad faces when they talked about my mom and therefore about me…

… They thought that life just happens.

If your parents struggle with something if it is addiction, financial problems, health problems etc.

They think it is just how it is and the children will have the same.

It’s just in the DNA.

Well, not with me I thought to myself!

I just needed time to prove them wrong

So, I never could wait to get older and stay on my own to feet

I didn’t like school, yet I had a big potential.