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Success is not luck!

Just 6 years ago I was working different part-time jobs.

In the picture, you see me as a Floor Layer, but this was just many of the jobs I had, yet it was the one I was working in the longest (a few months).

Another job I have been working was Burger King. Well not something I really wanted to support, so after my adventure in India I decided to quit without having any Plan B

I always trusted, I always knew that there was something better.

I then started doing more with photography and was also very involved in fitness which strengthened my determination to achieve something.

When I grew up in the boarding school I often heard that I am supposed to become an alcoholic and live from the government, like my mom…

It hurt me to hear this

Not just because of myself, but because of how they talked about my mom!

They always felt they knew better and can see the future through some crystal ball

At times I was really frustrated, angry, and sad…

You should have seen their sad faces when they talked about my mom and therefore about me…

… They thought that life just happens.

If your parents struggle with something if it is addiction, financial problems, health problems etc.

They think it is just how it is and the children will have the same.

It’s just in the DNA.

Well, not with me I thought to myself!

I just needed time to prove them wrong

So, I never could wait to get older and stay on my own to feet

I didn’t like school, yet I had a big potential.

But I rather spend my time dreaming about the future, writing songs, singing, etc.

I loved everything. That involved creativity

It is what gave me juice! (Thank you Mom, I have this gift from you )

So, I went my way through school in the boarding school I grew up in

And later on, found myself pretty confused and lost.

II found an apprenticeship as a salesperson in Coop City….

...But yeah it was clear that this isn’t for me - so after 2 years I had enough and quit.

Long story short - I worked win multiple part-time jobs - reading books and working on myself.

Determined to become someone better than others thought I would become

Yes, I struggled with some stuff, but that didn’t stop me.

After Burger King, I started with Photography, but I didn't get enough clients.

The only thing I wanted is to be happy and free

To be to bound on a job that I didn’t like

I wanted to do what II wanted to do when Ii wanted to do it.

Yet the entrepreneurial path wasn’t much easier, yet is was much more me.

While I was doing photography I started also creating these protein Oatmeals that I ate every morning

Just now I started selling them

It was quite exciting, but unfortunately not a big success.

To create something in the food industry was not easy

So, it slowly faded away.

I was also working out for 2 years and saw some good results and read many books on health and fitness, so I started coaching others to lose weight.

Well, also didn’t work so well.

So, I put my focus on photography again, but in the meantime, my bills weren’t paid for several months.

So I took my pride together, went back to my mom, and took a break to figure out what I really want

What came out of it was art. Art never really came to my mind, even though it was inside me all this time.

Very soon somebody bought a painting

II didn’t even meet this guy before and he bought a painting that I did when I was 16 years old.

He is one of the reasons I feel called to make the people proud that believed in me by buying my art early on.

Yet after that - 3 years went by where I almost didn’t sell any paintings. People didn’t really pay more than 200-300.- for my art.

But I accepted it, I did this for the long run.

And this was anyways different.

Art came to me to heal myself from all the negative self-talk and the judgments that were going on inside me.

All the voices from my childhood that said “stop dreaming!” “Nothing will come out of you” “you will become like your mother!” Etc.

These voices became my voices and made life really hard for me…

…Art changed that.

Art brought joy and lightness into my life

It brought back this creativity that I always had

Mixed with a sense of freedom

Because an empty canvas brings so much possibility to me and I feel like that I am completely free to create whatever I want

When I see the white canvas - everything is open - all possibilities are there - it’s all possible - I am totally free to dream and create

Isn’t this the reason to be here?

To dream and to create?

Creativity in its essence means that you are a creator - and if it is on canvas or not doesn’t matter -because the truth is, that every single person of us is a creator!

Being a creator is our essence!

Never forget that!

The world is your canvas and your mind is your brush.

Trust it because you are that powerful!

I can say that now where I became a full-time artist by the age of 25.

And not a full-time “starving artist” but a full-time abundant artist!

Also at the age of 25, my art has sold in the 5 figures, something I couldn’t have imagined to become a reality so fast. (Hint: I wrote it down and then it became true)

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Napoleon Hills

At the age of 26 (which is now), I am working together with my dream customers creating a custom art piece of his life vision! More on that later - I share it with you as soon as the painting is done.

Dreams are coming true!



1. I have a burning desire for them

2. I fully believe in myself even if it is not always easy

3. I believe in a universe that is meant for us to dream, create and achieve whatever our heart desires

Your dreams are there for a reason.

See them as a gift from the universe, from this higher power.

There are not in your mind without reason.

Nothing happens with an accident.

If you have it in your mind - if you dream it - it is meant to be realized.

Trust that!

Trust me and trust yourself!

With that said I hope this story inspires you o believe in yourself and to follow your own path.

Nobody has the power to tell you what to do (they have the right to their own opinion) but their opinion does not make you - you are the only person who has the power to make and shape you and your life!

It’s in your hands.What do you want to paint on this canvas called life?

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