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Oliver was born in 1995 and grew up in a family of artists. It was noticed from his young age that Oliver had a good sense of aesthetics and beauty. When he was 8 years old, Oliver and his brother were sent to a boarding school. At first it was hard for him.  Even though his father was rarely home and his mother suffered from alcohol problems, he missed home. With time, however, he understood that the boarding school, which was a Rudolf Steiner School, offered him space to develop his creativity. He first tried beatboxing, then dancing, singing, playing guitar, stone carving and also acting. At 17, he was faced with the decision to either spend another three years there and attend an acting school or find an apprenticeship in Zurich.


"In my boarding school, the adults doubted me and tried to convince me that I wouldn't find an apprenticeship anyway. I took this negative statement as a challenge and wanted to prove that there was more in me. So I decided against the acting school and for an apprenticeship, also because I didn't want to spend another three years there. Then, not only did I find an apprenticeship, but I had the privilege of choosing from two offers," Oliver says with a smile.


So he went to Zurich to complete his apprenticeship in retail, which was to prove challenging. This is where his self-discovery phase began.

For several years he had completely pushed his artistic abilities into the background, until he didn't want to continue and stopped the apprenticeship after 2 years. From then on, he was fascinated by traveling, but also by topics such as meditation, the power of the now, spirituality and personal development on this path of exploration. To earn a living, he worked in various fields.


"When I was working at Burger King, I just knew that I wanted to travel to escape from my box and go on a quest to find myself.

Thus, I decided to save money and then travel with my brother to Chicago to see my father. 

It was a different world. I was also into fitness and that was even more trendy there. After Chicago, however, we only came back to Switzerland for a week and went straight on to India. This country changed me a lot. The impressive photos I took remind me of the intense time there.

On the last day in India I noticed how sad I became. This sadness helped me to see that I have to change something because I didn't want to go back to my old life. So I decided to start my own business as a photographer.

Within a short period of time, I learned numerous useful things, thanks to which I was able to offer professional shoots shortly after. 

When I tried to work as a full-time photographer, I experienced pushback. I just wasn't ready to start my own business.

I don't regret that setback because I got a lot out of it and grew a bit."


When he couldn't pay his bills for several months and was sleeping on the floor in an empty apartment, he had decided to quit photography and slowly but surely rebuild. He went back to his mother's house and quickly found a part-time job at Corris. With his mother, he began to paint. What was at first just a tool for him to process his thoughts and feelings turned into a new passion.


"This is exactly what I've been looking for my whole life! I knew I needed to do something creative, but painting was never really something I thought about. I think in my school it was just way cooler to be a singer, musician or actor than a painter and I had an incident with a teacher in my second class. She pulled my hair in painting class because I was too rough with my brush. I think this created a trauma around painting which I than later uncovered and was able to heal"


So he painted day and night! Slowly but surely, his works sold as well. Today, Oliver is a successful full-time artist who has turned his passion into a career and his paintings have sold for as much as 5 figures. He has been featured in several newspapers, has clients in more than 15 countries and has been invited to various podcasts with thousands of listeners.


By 2022, he had realized his first heart sculpture with the Heartbeats Tour. This was exhibited throughout Switzerland.

Art collectors of all fields are interested in his works.


"With my story and art, I want to encourage my fellow people to dream, try new things and never give up. It was not an easy path for me, but I kept at it, stumbled, but got up again. I want to inspire others through my art to believe in the good, to believe in yourself and your dreams and to remember that the past does not define our future."


Thus, Oliver is one of the most up-and-coming young artists of our time.


"I hope that in a few years I will achieve even greater reach to spread my message. Because I believe that right now we need this message more than ever before. No one thought I would ever get this far. On the contrary, many thought I would most likely have alcohol problems because it ran in my family. However, I resisted and fulfilled my dream of being a full-time artist with perseverance and courage."

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