• Oliver Hojas

27 Life Lessons To Live Your Best Life

Today is my 27th birthday. 🎉

I wish to inspire you so here are 27 things I’ve learned on my journey from having various jobs and working in Burger King to living my dream as a full-time artist!

1 - Don’t do anything because others say that this is just how things go. (I quit my apprenticeship after 2 years and I’ve never looked back.)

2 - Find your own reasons why you do things

3 - Never get a job for money - get a job to learn valuable skills

4 - No matter what you do to your health always needs to be at a top-level

5 - Read inspiring books, every day “Leaders are always readers”

6 - Surround yourself with like-minded people, ideally with people that are further than you - yes that might feel uncomfortable first

7 - Do things outside your comfort zone

8 - Paint or do something else with your hands - it’s freeing and raises your frequency

9 - The way you feel is most important (not quick fixes, really feeling deeply happy and fulfilled in every moment)

10 - Wake up with gratitude and sleep with gratitude

11 - Take time to think about what you want in life - write it down, not just once, but again and again

12 -Everything is possible, and if somebody says it’s not - you’ll have the chance to inspire this person by proving it is

13 - You don’t have control over the weather or other people, but you have complete control over yourself (your thoughts, emotions, and actions)

14 - The Law of Attraction is real and works if you want it or not

15 - Start meditating - it connects you to a bigger part of yourself

16 - If you don’t know what you want - focus on feeling good and keep feeling better

17 - Accept who you are and where you are right now - start from this point, it’s absolutely perfect as it is!

18 - Fear has the lowest vibration and is not worth your time

19 - Sometimes it’s good to not know the odds - because if I would have known that only 7% of all artists live from their art, I probably wouldn’t have done it

20 - Never use your past as an excuse why you don’t have what you want

21 - Never justify why you are where you are - your story isn’t written in stone, but by constantly explaining it you keep re-creating it

22 - Set goals that excite and stretch you, but not that scare you

23 - Set yourself up to win - you write the rules

24 - Most facts don’t count when your attitude is right (because most facts are opinions anyways)

25 - You have one life, follow your dreams, nobody will do it for you and you don’t want to live with regrets

26 - Make decisions and take risks - the better you feel the better the decisions, but don’t worry about that too much - every decision can be made right - you write the rules

27 - Focusing on what you want, dreaming about your desires never makes you feel bad, when you feel bad it’s the fact that you focus on what you don’t want and/or the lack and absence of what you want

I hope that inspires some of you to keep going no matter what.

We are eternal beings and our potential is unlimited.

If you follow your dreams, you will inspire others to do the same and I believe we are ultimately here to live our full potential - whatever that means for you. To enjoy life to the fullest in our own creation!

To many more years to come! ❤

With Love


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