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Stop working so hard!!

If you want to live the life of your dreams you need one thing, and one thing only!

Many people try to fix outside circumstances in order to attract the things they desire.

We work super hard to finally achieve the life we desire.

Not just that.

Some even go further than that...

They sacrifice their family, friends, and their health in order to “achieve” their dreams.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying you shouldn’t take action or work hard...

What I am saying though, is that the efforts you put into working so hard are a waste of time...

If it means ignoring the one thing that actually creates the life you desire.

Now, before I explain the one thing you need to live life on your terms, I want I share with you a story.

When I was 17 years old I discovered a movie called “The Purpose of Life”.

Back then I was still totally clueless about how the universe works and I didn’t have any role models that could teach me.

I wasn’t happy at all, in fact, I was sad and had low energy most of the time.

But when I watched that movie, it changed my life completely.

It was like an awakening.

That was the moment I realized the outside world - life as I perceive it, is nothing more than a mirror of who I am inside.

That’s when I went on a journey of personal development, spirituality, and self-growth.

I started reading books, attending events, seminars, and sought mentors.

I understood for the first time that the outside world is a direct reflection of myself!

A mirror!

If the outside world is a mirror all I have to change is myself, the internal world.

....and the outside world will reflect this change.

Think about it!

When you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, do you change the mirror or yourself?

This sounds silly but in life, we do exactly that...

We try to change the mirror instead of what the mirror is reflecting back at us!

So knowing this, ask yourself...

What will I change the next time I don’t like what life mirrors back at me?

Chances are change needs to start within before the outside reflection ever aligns with what you desire.

When I started realizing that everything changed...

✅ My life started to transform rapidly

✅ I started to achieve things I didn’t even believe to be possible

✅ I became happier and more fulfilled

✅ abundance became my default setting

When you want more abundance, you have to become more abundant.


Your thinking, your emotions, and your actions need to reflect the abundance you wish to experience.

And you won’t believe how fast your outside world will reflect this.


You have to be consistent and disciplined in your approach to becoming greater.

This next painting from my new abundance collection is called “The Mirror of Abundance”

The moment I started to invest in myself, was the moment I started to attract more abundance into my world.

All aspects of my life had undergone a transformation.

It’s like my mind had become open to greater possibilities rather than being clouded by negativity

My actions were saying to the universe...

“I can make the investment in myself because I am living in an abundant universe and that means I always attract more abundance back into my life as a result!”

Often we think when we have more we will finally feel fulfilled

✅ If we had more money

✅ stronger relationships

✅ If we were healthier

...then we would finally be happy.

That’s not how the universe works.

It’s the other way around...

First, you have to allow yourself to feel abundant and then you have to prove it with your actions.

That’s when abundance flows into your life.

The Mirror of Abundance is a reminder and an anchor of this important law.

It’s a mirror that you want to experience for yourself.

When you look at it you will see abundance reflecting back at you.

How would that make you feel?

It's available to you right now.

You just have to decide...

So If you're ready to take full responsibility for your life

If you're no longer willing to wait until “the time is right” to get the things you want

Comment #abundancenow

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