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Art that inspires your to unleash your true potential

Transform your life vision into your most personal art experience by the fusion of painting & music.

Learn more about Life Vision Painting:

The Life Vision Painting is the process where I create a personalised painting based on your life vision. It starts with us having a dream conversation to talk about your vision and also for me to tap into the energy of who you are and what your dreams and desires are. We go into colors and symbols and/or movements and things that represents your vision. 

Then I'll create personalised painting for you as an anker and daily inspiration for your dreams and vision.

Life Vision Painting + Life Vision Music = Life Vision Art:

With the fusion of painting and music, we go one step further to make your life vision come true. 

Hardly anything has such a strong subconscious impact as the power of music.


Therefore I offer you the possibility to complement your Life Vision Painting with a matching piece of music to support and amplify your vision also on a subconscious level.


For this I work closely with the outstanding musician, composer & producer Stefan Goergner of SONiNATE Productions, who will also make your life vision audible.


Book a FREE Life Vision Music Consulting Call to learn more about the process or click the button below to learn more about SONiNATE Productions and Life Vision Music.

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