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In December 2021 I started my new project called "Life Vision Paintings". that's based on my mission to inspired thousands of people to believe in themselves and their dreams again.

Lifebook (from Mindvalley) was a big part for me to bring this project out into the world and Jon & Missy Butcher are now already proud owners of a Life Vision Painting. 

What is a Life Vision Painting and how does it work?

It starts with us having a "Dream Conversation" where we talk about your dreams, desires, goals, and vision for your life.

This conversation will take maximum 1 hour and afterwards I have a clear picture of your vision and what colors and symbols represent this vision. 

This conversation can even clarify your dreams for you. I hear this very often. It can also connect you on a deeper level with who you are and what you really want. So, no matter what stage you are in, this conversation can have a lasting impact on your life.

If I am inspired and it is a fit for you and me, then I'll offer you to make a painting out of it.

This step isn't obligated. I only offer to make a painting if it's a fit for both of us.

After the Dream Conversation you get a PDF with all the notes from our conversation so you can go back and read all the things you said - the desires, goals, dreams and visions you have for your life.

When you decide to get a life vision painting, sit back and relax. From here on I do the magic.

It will take around 1 month (sometimes more, sometimes less) to create your Life Vision Painting and I'll update you throughout the process.

What if you don't like the end result?

Well, here you get my guarantee that I'll work on it, change it, adjust it - or even re-create it from the beginning till you absolutely LOVE IT! 

So far, all my customers were super happy with their piece, so for me it is important for you to know that the painting is only finished when you love it a 100%!

To sign up for a Dream Conversation, just fill out the form below with the Text "Dream Conversation" or any thoughts and questions you have (make sure to include your email otherwise I can't contact you back) and I am happy to reach out to you. 

If you want to know more about my existing work, don't hesitate and reach out to me.

How To Have Your Own Custom Piece made?

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