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The Power and unexpected Effect of The Mirror Paintings

The Mirror Paintings

What’s the effect of them?

The reason I called them the Mirror Paintings is because they will represent for everyone something different. I’ve found that they speak to you differently then to me. I might see a dragon, you might see something else. Even more interesting is that the things you see are a reflection of yourself.

The “Mirror” your soul!

If you take the time and look deeply you will start to see what just YOU can see.

I don’t look through your eyes at the painting. Nobody does. There is no way that ever, anybody could see exactly what you see.

The purpose of this series is to mirror your soul and show you things about yourself that you didn’t see before.

The beauty of abstract art is that it is always a reflection of who you are because there is no fix definition about it. So, in general, abstract art always mirrors what you believe about it.

But I found that these series are especially powerful because they have a symmetric form.

Both sides are the same!

Which your brain will form to a picture.

If you take a step back and look at the whole painting you will see something.

If you step closer and go to the details you will see even more.

And the most fascinating part is that it is all a mirror of your soul.

That’s the purpose of my Mirror Series.

A reflection of the beauty, sometimes also the shadow, that’s within you.

It’s mysterious and mystical exactly as you are in the core.

With Love


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