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Did You Ever Imagine Sleeping Under The Universe? (New Painting "STARDUST")


Pigment, Oil, Acrylic, and Glitter on Canvas

100x200cm. February 2020

Original Price: 3000CHF / Your price: 2400CHF (just for a short time)

Did you ever imagine sleeping under the stars? 😍⭐️

Now it might be possible in your own bedroom!

Everything in the universe is made out of the same substance - the galaxy, the stars, the planets, animals, people, nature, etc.

The universe is a fascinating thing and reminding us always on how little we actually know, what a small part of the galaxy we are and how much there still is to explore and discover. We are a part of a huge system that is working without us doing anything. That’s truly magical and miraculous.

This painting brings the fascination of the universe right to you and enchants your bedroom with the magical touch of the stars. To imagine that you sleep under the universe brings a great feeling because you know you are always protected by something that is much bigger than you and is always present. This painting brings exactly this into your bedroom.

With all the Love


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