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Forget affirmations! If you want true abundance then you need these two things!

Lots of people think that in order to achieve your goals you have to work harder.

Some even think they have to meditate for hours every day and endlessly repeat affirmations.

Meanwhile, others love walking across hot coals and yelling at the top of their lungs.

Don’t get me wrong...

I think these things are helpful if you’re wanting to work on self-development

...but when it comes to achieving your goals, nothing works if you don’t have these other two things in place.

What are they?

Well before I tell you, let me share a story with you first...

When I started painting I was living at my mom’s place.

I tried to achieve my goals, to sell my paintings and go out there and do stuff, but it didn’t really work!

Why not?

Because I was in an environment that didn’t support me.

An environment that didn’t fill me up with inspiration and the strength I needed to get to the next level.

As soon as I changed my environment and surrounded myself with beautiful things I started realizing how small I’d been playing.

Luckily, I could move to my first Mentors apartment back then - a totally different story lol

...but it was something about being in a beautiful apartment with the view of the lake and mountains that sparked my motivation to expand my horizons.

This change of environment started lifting my spirit, giving me more confidence and strength to go after the things I wanted!

What happened?

✅ I started traveling the world

✅ Started selling my paintings and getting recognition

✅ Spent time in the most beautiful hotels in some of the most stunning locations

✅ I became really confident in my ability to make things happen.

The moral of this short story

...your environment is crucial for your growth.

If you want to achieve your goals and attract more abundance, it is EVERYTHING.

Now, you don’t need to take it to the extremes that I’ve mentioned

...but you do have to consider the impact your environment has on how you think and feel.

Ask yourself, does my current environment reflect the levels of abundance and success I want to feel and experience?

Here’s the thing, you can do your affirmations all day, every day but your system will reject it as soon as you look around.

That’s how I learned how important identity and environment are for people like us.

People who are striving to achieve great things.

This is why I’m launching my new collection of artworks that I’m calling the ‘Abundance’ series.

Before diving into the creative process and getting started on the series, I was speaking with clients who have previously invested in my art.

I reached out to them to ask how my work has impacted their lives...

They all said it gave them a sense of hope, positivity, and freedom.

These are all states of abundance.

So I got to work...

Totally inspired I created these new works so I can help others level up their environment.

Using something as simple, yet universal, as the power of color.

What do I mean?

Well, as we all know different colours elicit different thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a viewer.

What do you think about and feel when you think about the colour of gold?

Chances are it’s mostly something positive, something enriching, something expansive.

We all can feel abundant every day and we all can do something to make our environment more powerful.

When I started traveling the world and going to luxury hotels I started to feel inspired.

It took me a few years until I brought this inspiration and this feeling into a concept of artworks.

The trigger for me was this year when I allowed myself to spend more time in a luxury hotel close to my home.

It was so beautiful.

I can clearly remember the restaurant, it was decorated with gold, even the entire ceiling was wrapped in the most luxurious gold.

I just felt incredibly rich and abundant. It's funny though...

We don’t need to have money to feel that way’s the things we buy that simply remind us of this feeling.

A trigger that can remind us of how powerful we truly can become if we give ourselves permission.

The Abundance Series is that anchor.

The Abundance Series is that reminder.

These works are designed to push you towards your greatness.

To be a visual catalyst that calls forward a state of abundance and prosperity.

These states of being come with the gift of embracing life and living without limitations.

All of these things are naturally inside of you.

I'm just here to call you forward and to step into your higher self through my art.

The official launch of the collection will be open to public inquiries on 13. November 2020

Please understand that there are only 6 of pieces in the collection.

Once they’re gone they’re gone...

I’ll never repeat works like this again in my career (and I plan on having a long one lol).

So, if you’re currently on a journey of personal development.

If you’re looking to amplify your environment and level up your identity.

If you’re relentlessly striving towards your goals...

Then drop #Abundance in the comments👇👇👇

...and let’s all win together.

- Oliver Hojas

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