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Are you able to receive the gifts that life gives to you?

If you want to be truly fulfilled you need an ability that only few have.

It has nothing to do with how much you do or deliver.

It has nothing to do with your achievements or how good you are.

It’s a fundamental shift of perspective.

Only the really rich and wealthy know how to successfully do that.

By really rich and wealthy I mean those who live life to the fullest and experience life in abundance.

You see, most of us think we need to work harder and harder in order to get more.

For some, it even becomes such a strong habit that we start to expect life to give us nothing until we work extremely hard for it.

I used to think like this as well...

What I realised though is that there is a deep limiting belief hiding behind this habit

...and it’s destructive.

See, we tend to do this until we realize that the world works differently.

Life exists out of oppositions.

On night, there follows day.

On cold, there follows warmth.

My point is, most of us don’t understand the most crucial part in creating our reality and attracting the abundance we look for.

People spend years trying to figure this out.

Let me tell you a story about how I did...

Before I started my journey as an aspirational artist I wanted to become a photographer.

...I had the eye and the talent.

People had fun on shoots, and I had fun too.

When it was about making money though I got shy.


And that was okay until…

I decided to quit my job and do it full time.

Yes, I thought the decision would be enough to propel me to the next level.

Don’t get me wrong, I did the work.

I went out meeting people, doing shoots, showing my work on social media, but …

I couldn’t do the one thing that is holding so many of us back.

It’s the ability to receive!

After some time I realised why this is so crucial.

Because I was not able to receive...

The universe gave me opportunities which I couldn’t utilise.

I also said no to a lot of opportunities.

I thought I didn’t deserve them, even though deep down I was wishing for more.

This was a highly destructive habit.

On one point I had nothing left to give because of my inability to receive I stopped the flow of the universe.

It was a cold time...

I went without money and food for multiple months.

I wasn’t able to pay my bills.

I was sleeping on the cold floor, using a simple towel to warm me up during the night and wishing to live a normal life again.

There were many reasons that this happened, but mainly my inability to receive.

Over the years I’ve realised many of us struggle with this...

That’s why I created this new work.

This painting is a reminder for everyone that might not see the opportunities that are around them.

I titled this piece “The Magnetic Field of Abundance”

The puzzles represent the opportunities that are always here for us, maybe not on our radar, but they are there.

The circles in the middle are the opposite way around which represents the ability to receive.

We are living in a universe with limitless opportunities and abundance and this work is a celebration of that.

Opportunity is “flying” around us in the magnetic field.

We can attract all of it if we tap into the same energy


What good is it if we are not able to receive?

When we tap into the right energy, and we attract what we want like a magnet

...we also need to be receptive.

Are you living in an open state?

I know I wasn’t.

...and I spent years never taking advantage of the abundance in front of me.

Many nights I lay awake wondering why things never seemed to work out.

This is why...

The universe might just give you what you want right now

...but you might be pushing it back without even knowing.

Just consider it.

When I realized this my life started to blossom.

Often the gifts that the universe gave me didn’t look exactly as I thought they would, but as soon as I opened myself up

✅ I met the love of my life

✅ I started painting and found my gift

✅ I made more money then I thought possible

I am not saying that to impress, but to show you what it means to receive.

For a long time, I wanted money but was not able to receive it.

For a long time, I wanted a relationship but was not able to receive it.

For a long time, I was looking for my personal mission, but I was too busy to receive it.

Today I want you to look at this painting and ask yourself...

“Where do I hold myself back by not receiving the gifts and opportunities that the universe is giving me right now?”

Abundance is available for you right now

There’s more than enough for all of us.

It’s time to start tapping into a state of being that magnetically draws your dreams to you.

It’s time to be in the abundance of receiving.

The more you are able to receive, the more abundance you will experience.

Often we are very hard on ourselves.

We don’t allow ourselves to indulge appreciate life and all that it offers.

Some of us may even feel a sense of guilt when we get a gift for ourselves.

We are always giving, and forgetting ourselves.

The Christmas season is coming and I want you to think about something that you wish for yourself.

Doesn’t matter if it is material or not, but don’t hold back.

If it is material, do it.

Don’t feel ashamed.

You deserve it!

Get something for yourself that blows you away...

Buy something for yourself that you would wish as a present from someone else.

Now is THE time.

Now is YOUR time!


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