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Are you able to receive the gifts that life gives to you?

If you want to be truly fulfilled you need an ability that only few have.

It has nothing to do with how much you do or deliver.

It has nothing to do with your achievements or how good you are.

It’s a fundamental shift of perspective.

Only the really rich and wealthy know how to successfully do that.

By really rich and wealthy I mean those who live life to the fullest and experience life in abundance.

You see, most of us think we need to work harder and harder in order to get more.

For some, it even becomes such a strong habit that we start to expect life to give us nothing until we work extremely hard for it.

I used to think like this as well...

What I realised though is that there is a deep limiting belief hiding behind this habit

...and it’s destructive.

See, we tend to do this until we realize that the world works differently.

Life exists out of oppositions.

On night, there follows day.

On cold, there follows warmth.

My point is, most of us don’t understand the most crucial part in creating our reality and attracting the abundance we look for.

People spend years trying to figure this out.

Let me tell you a story about how I did...

Before I started my journey as an aspirational artist I wanted to become a photographer.