Welcome to my new Flower Paintings. These wonderful, colorful, and playful paintings are made with acrylic color. It happened all on easter - playing with the canvas, with water and acrylic. The canvases were standing and the brush was wet. I was cleaning the blue color with water and saw how beautiful it looks like when it is mixed with water. Then I took the wet brush pressed it on the standing canvas and there it was - beautifully formed flowers. I loved the idea of flowers and kept doing more of it. After easter, I had 3 new flower paintings that fascinated me. They are so simple, yet so beautiful. The energy of those paintings is more feminine than most of my other paintings and that's also why I love them. I hope you are as intrigued as me by the beauty of these flowers. I sold all that I currently have.

The Golden Flowers of Life
The Joyful Flowers of Life
SOLD - The Playful Flowers of Life
SOLD - The Playful Flowers I
SOLD - The Playful Flowers II
SOLD - The Playful Flowers III