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26 years ago, there he was. 

This small, cute and creative baby. 

Well, nobody knew back then what he would become.


My mom and dad, both artists in their own way, brought to earth an artist whose soul speaks louder than his mind.

When I grew up, I was always a rebel.

I did what I wanted. I didn’t really follow the path of society…


It might have been a blessing, but at an early age, I was moved to a boarding school. It wasn’t easy because I missed home, I missed my mom…

It confused me a lot…

But it turned out to be the opportunity of a lifetime.

The boarding school was a Rudolf Steiner School which is known to promote creativity.

I got the chance to develop lots of talents…

From beatboxing - the first thing I learned just by observing a friend. 

At one point I started dancing, just by watching videos. 

Then I took singing lessons and started playing the guitar. 

We also played theaters in our school and I loved it…

I once even played the role of Brad Pitt (literally 3 lines and acting cool… typical Brad Pitt stuff lol) 

I also created things with my hands, small projects they gave me.

Painting was never really in my mind as a career, mostly because society didn’t promote it and people had these limiting beliefs about it.

I can vividly remember when I went to the Career Consultant in our school and he asked me what I wanted to do when I leave.

For me, it was clear like a shimmering crystal.

With enthusiasm, I said, “I want to become a Singer, an Actor or maybe a Dancer or a designer!.”

How he looked at me…

Rather than supporting what I wanted to do, he instead showed me a giant poster of all the jobs I could choose from (those that were acceptable in the eyes of society).

I looked at it for a moment.

There were a lot of jobs…

I stared blankly at the page

…nothing and I mean nothing, interested me!

“Which one do you like out of these jobs?” he asked

I said, “None. I want to be a Singer, Dancer, Designer or


He must have thought that I was totally crazy.

So he gave up and I left.

Later on, it turned out that he really thought I was totally crazy…


He even told it to the person that was responsible for me in the boarding school.

The house father

He was basically like a father to me in a way.

He agreed with the career consultant…

He even started telling others that I was disabled in my mind.

Needless to say, this broke my heart...

It made me feel worthless and for a moment I even thought “maybe he is right”

This however awakened a determination in me prove that I am able to do anything I set my mind to prove that I am worthy.

So, I found an apprenticeship as a salesperson in Zürich Switzerland.

Even though they gave me the option to go into acting school, I knew I needed to leave this place and go out to the “real world”.

When I went I left the boarding school and moved to Zürich I was very confused about who I was and what I wanted.

In a way, I lost myself. 

I lost this creative spirit. 

I lost a lot of energy.

I got tired.

People even noticed that I was constantly tired and asked if I am good for anything?

After 2 years of being in this apprenticeship, I couldn’t take it anymore and I quit!

I started my journey of self-discovery.

Long story short, after many years of searching I came across a book “The Artist’s Way” 

It unblocked things that had been in the way for me 

It helped release the artist within that was lost for a very long time.

Then I kept working on myself with the help of great mentors

Today I am an aspirational artist living from my art and moving others towards a better life.

I know where I am going and I also know that a Hojas Painting is still totally under-valued in the art market.

I am on a mission and I won’t stop any time soon.

​- Oliver

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