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               The 9 Virtues of Love & Abundance
The rose gold pictures are characterized by their elegance, their simplicity, and their gentle beauty. They are the opposite of Oliver's splash paintings that are wild and free. These are bringing calmness, softness, feminine touch, and simplicity to one's home and office. The meaning of this series lies in the theory that we all create our reality and that once we are clear about it, we can attract what we long for the most. A life of love and abundance is the main intention here. In my own life, I have found out, that 9 concepts, which I call virtues, have helped me the most to attract and create a life of love and abundance. My wish is to inspire you with this series to live a life full of beautiful things because I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that it is accessible to all of us. These 9 virtues are the key to the door where love and abundance lie. 

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