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Abundance 2.0 Series

These paintings are a development of my first abundance series where I worked a lot with circles and/or round forms but also used other materials such as stones, modeling paste, trees, styrofoam, etc. The Abundance 2.0 series is now free from any specific forms - I use mostly modeling paste and create different movements and structures which is in the end painted with very shiny and glossy gold. It makes me feel excited anytime I finish a piece and see the end result. The gold makes me feel bigger and expanded. It makes me breathe deeper. I am not sure what it is about this gold color, but it does something to me. That's also the reason why this "abundance 2.0" will be indefinite. I will keep creating new ones, no one the same as the other, but I will use the same gold. It's the most beautiful gold I've found so far. There is only one gold color that comes close to it but is a bit different because it's less glossy and shiny and has a more yellow tone to it. This gold here is very metallic - it wasn't easy to capture the correct effect with my camera. It also changes strongly depending on the light - which adds another depth to this painting. At first sight, they seem simple, but when you see them in life they start to become alive. 

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