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My brand new series called "Meditation Enhancement"

They are calmer than all my other work because at the end of 2019 I reached a new level of personal development. I became more calm, centered and grounded and I have realized that I don't feel the need anymore to splash around with colors, instead

I like the smooth and calming effect of the brush stroke on canvas with beautiful warm colors. This is the second thing that has evolved - the warm colors. I move away from the blue colors that were strongly influenced by great artists like Conor Mccreedy and Yves Klein. In 2020 I set myself the goal to find my voice - to express colors that are more aligned with my personal energy which is red. I've seen this in a vision already a long time ago and also got confirmed in the horoscope with is Aries = Fire = Red. These paintings are a reflection of my most truthful expression. They are calming and soothing for the soul and can be used to enhance your meditation and mindfulness practices. They can affect your house positively with its harmonizing colors and give new life, inspiration to your life. When you meditate they can strongly support your experience through their energetic power.

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