I‘ve created Art Clothes Design because I wanted to create something special and unique, something that everybody could wear, but at the same time, nobody wears the same piece. Each piece is a totally unique piece of art on clothing. It took courage to step forward with this idea. When I painted the first time a piece of clothing - it was in 2012, I had so many doubts about the shirt that I threw it away in the end. It took me basically 6 years of personal development to get back to my original idea and create more of it, without judging my work. Humans are so used to judge - god, the universe or however, you want to call it - create our beautiful world and we always judge it. I needed to learn to give my creative expression space to be and to flow and as I did that, I‘ve created many pieces.

I am also working with a jeans brand together - Torland Fashion which was featured on the Vienna fashion week with my creations.