My Splash Paintings were the first paintings I have created. They are inspired by the extreme freedom and excitement I have experienced using this technique. It was the curiosity of splashing the color on a piece of canvas and seeing what happens. It is for me one of the most exciting things to do. It is so playful and free, there is no judgment. There is no good or bad splash. It is all a unique creation of playing with colors and having fun. Many say, "But this isn't art. I can do that as well." The difference between me and those people is that I actually do it. The difference is that everybody can do it, but not everybody does it. That is a big difference. The secret of an artist is to actually do the art. Already as Pablo Picasso said, every child is born as an artist. It is just about maintaining this artist in us while we grow up. The life as an artist has much more to do with passion, love and the courage to express oneself, as it has with techniques and knowledge.