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I paint colorful abstract movements of emotions because I love the spontaneous expression of the brush sliding through the canvas and creating art that my mind could never imagine. 


My work studies the emotions of our human nature and the effects of colors it has on us. Choosing colors that enhance the positive side of our human experience allows me to satisfy my search for joy, freedom, and enlightenment. To that structure, I experiment with different colors, structures, forms, and movements, letting the emotions flow through a process of unconditional acceptance and pure freedom - viewing this activity from a comfortable distance I tend to wonder “What does it want to tell me?” How does it make me feel?” “What is the deeper meaning of this?”.


My abstract creations will answer these questions by absorbing them and feeling them.

The steps of my painting process allow me to be fully free in my expression - a freedom that is rarely experienced in our daily life. Beginning with choosing intuitively the right material, color and idea, I am merging and become one with the process focusing on the flow of the movement, the harmony of the colors, and the contrast to strengthening the composition. 

Before putting the brush on canvas I spent often weeks or even months thinking about ideas, writing them down, looking at older creations that I love to see and ask myself, “what needs to be done next?”.


When I start on the full-sized canvas I use large brushes, big strokes, and splashes, working to express and capture the emotion of the moment - making it a snapshot that is immortalized in time. Then I add more detail, revising until I feel the work reflects the message that I want to express.


Ultimately, I want my paintings to be a doorway to your soul and enhance your life experience, bringing you to reflect and give you more joy, love, and freedom, every day.

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