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Art Clothes Design is for the ones who love to be different. Who are not afraid to show themselves in a different and unique way.


I‘ve created this brand to inspire the leaders of this world to step up their Fashion Game and wear something truly unique and special and inspire others with their charisma and energy.


I found that clothes are mostly boring, especially for men that‘s why I wanted to create something new, something that is different, unique, and special.


Because of my art background and my passion for fashion, I‘ve combined those two things to make normal clothes to something new, fresh, unique, and exclusive.


I work on request. This here is my gallery - examples of clothes I‘ve created and can create for you.


How does it work?


You buy clothes and I paint them.


This way we are sure that you have the right size and a fitting cut that you prefer to wear.


I design it with the colors after your own taste and preferences and you get to wear your own exclusive piece of clothes.

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